What is Online Exam Review ?

The WJEC Online Exam Review is a brand new idea.

Online Exam Review Step 01 Image

Part 1 - explained

This part of the review depends on you accessing the item level data for your subject. This can be found on the WJEC secure website. By comparing your centre’s item level data to that in the review, you are able to start to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates as compared to the norm.

Online Exam Review Step 02 Image

Part 2 - explained

WJEC examiners have chosen a few questions from the paper as examples that they would like you to look at. Imagine yourself as a candidate. How would you have answered this question?

Online Exam Review Step 03 Image

Part 3 - explained

Now you will see some examples of the answers given. Did you expect these types of answers? You are able to mark the answers using the mark schemes, and compare them with the actual marks given by the examiner.

Online Exam Review Step 04 Image

Part 4 - explained

Finally, the examiner comments for the questions are shown. They will emphasise points to remember, frequent mistakes made by candidates, as well as points of good practice. It is hoped that this will lead you to consider if there are alternative ways of teaching these elements in order to improve the understanding of the candidates.

General Comments

A more detailed explanation of how to use the review units is available as a PowerPoint presentation. The hope is that heads of department will use the presentation and the review units as part of their departmental meetings.