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Welcome to the WJEC’s Online Exam Review website. Here you will find a collection of interactive units that bring together a number of elements including general data, exam questions, their marking schemes and examiner comments, which will lead you through a review of exam questions.

Over time, the site will build into a comprehensive database of units focusing on each summer’s exam session.

If you have any feedback regarding any of the reviews then please feel free to contact us, and we will send your comments on to the relevant subject officer.

Using the OER Part 1 Slide - Recognising Weaknesses
Using the OER Part 2 Slide - Looking at examples
Using the OER Part 4 Slide - Try it yourself
Using the OER Part 4 Slide - Examiner Feedback
CPD Training Courses

WJEC runs a programme of continuing professional development to standardise internal assessment and introduce new specifications. Courses are facilitated by WJEC's subject specialists and moderators.

The provision will be online for all GCE and GCSE subjects in the autumn term.

For further information please click here